Travel to the Fiji Islands

Situated in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, the island country of Fiji is comprised of 333 beautifully stunning tropical islands teaming with lush greenery, wildlife, dazzling waters, marine life, and pristine beaches. The Fiji Islands is a perfect holiday getaway where there is something to please absolutely everyone. From newlyweds to families to seniors, this tropical paradise won’t fail to please. Accommodations are available to suit any style and budget from 5 star resorts to hostels to hiring your own personal island for an exclusive holiday. World renowned for its soft coral diving, white sand beaches, and thriving natural environment, the Fiji Islands are an excellent example of eco-tourism.
For couples, the Fiji Islands are a romantic escape for proposals, weddings, anniversaries, and honeymoons. Lovers will find bliss, exotic enchantment, and allure at the Matangi Private Island Resort. This elegant island resort offers an intimate and exclusive escape for lovers and newlyweds. The Matangi Private Island Resort offers an assortment of wedding and honeymoon packages that will make planning and executing events a breeze. Couples will fall in love all over again on the horseshoe-shaped, volcanic island with its tropical forests, white sand beaches, and crystal clear water.
All visitors will enjoy immersing themselves in the Fijian culture with a trip to Moala Village or Sabeto Village. Before you embark on your journey, a knowledgeable tour guide will teach you about local customs and proper dress for visiting the natives. Different tours include refreshments with seasonal fruits, a kava ceremony, traditional singing and dancing by locals, shopping opportunities, and a bamboo raft ride.
Adventure seekers at Fiji will enjoy a tour on the Cannibal Cave; the last cave fortress of Fiji’s final cannibal tribe. At one time it was ruled by a pagan priest with hundreds of people living inside the cave for months at a time. In addition to the amazing stalactites and stalagmites, visitors will also see a ritual platform, the priest chambers, and a cannibal oven. Thrill seekers will also enjoy a Fiji Shark Dive in Shark Reef Marine Reserve where divers can swim with up to eight different species of sharks. Catamaran cruises will take you to different dive sites, provide you with dry towels, offer refreshments, and supply you with professional scuba guides.
Finding the perfect Fiji experience and planning the perfect trip is simple to do with everything Fiji has to offer. Whether you enjoy relaxing around a pool, walking along a beautiful beach, touring the rain forests, or experience water sports, the Fiji Islands has no comparison. Cozy up to nature with a jungle trek, visit one of the nature reserves, or head out to the water to experience diving and snorkeling with sharks, sea turtles, and colourful coral reefs. Get pampered at a spa, go golfing, and experience local cuisine at a fine dining restaurant. No matter where you are in Fiji, this island country truly has it all.