Steve Jobs – His Outstanding Career

Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., which was founded in 1976, proved to everyone his career was extraordinary. Steve was a college dropout, living with his parents in Los Altos, California. When he was in high school, he had interest in electronics. His love for electronics devices prompted him to request for some parts electronic from a well-known electronic manufacturing company. At summer, that same year, Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak, an intelligent engineer older than him.

Job started working at Atari after he dropped out of College. He worked as a game designer in Atari and carefully saved his earnings from the job. He left there and went to India. When he came back, he joined his friend, Wozniak. Wozniak showed Jobs the computer he always worked on as hobby. Jobs, seeing such potential in him went into business with Wozniak and Apple 1 was produced in 1975. Apple became a success after when Apple II was released in 2 years after the first one.

As competition increased during the time, Apple III and its successor, LISA, as well did not sell well in 1980. Things got worse when Jobs had a fight with some director and was kicked off the board by the CEO of his own company.

In 1985, Jobs introduced Apple Macintosh with a Cursor capability. The computer did not sell well enough due to high price tag and poor marketing. It did not find its way into the hands of the consumers.

Jobs eventually resigned from the company and started his own computer company. He started NeXT Computer Co. with the money he had from the sale of Stock in Apple. NeXT computer had high processing speed, Better graphics and an Optical disk drive. It was sold poorly with price tag of $9950.  After the failure of the Next venture, he then started with playing with software. He bought Pixar Animation Studio and signed a deal with Disney to produce the first computer animated feature.

Apple kept declining and struggling and failed to produce another computer. After few days that Pixar arrived into the market, Apple bought NeXT for $400 million and appointed Jobs to the board of Directors again. It was an act of desperation to Apple, because they had already failed to produce another generation Mac operating System, wishing that Jobs would help turn things around. Before the end of March, 1997, Apple experienced a huge loss which made Ameilo resigned from being the CEO and Jobs took over the position, struck a deal with Microsoft to ensure his company survival.

Not long, Apple installed G3 PowerPC in all its computers, which made Apple faster than their competitors’ PCs. Apple quickly reclaimed their position in the market and boosted sales of $6 million. Against all, Steve pulled his company back from the brink. But Apple just got started, and started rolling out series of revolutionary products.

Upon all his successes, Steve battled with health issues. In January, 2011, he left Apple for a medical leave, stating that he would still be making major strategic decisions for the company.  He died not long after he resigned.

Steve Jobs