Social networks

Social networking is the most common practice in the current era and almost everyone is involved in the activity. Social networking refers to communicating, bonding and developing links with people over the internet. The people may share the same interests, may belong to same area or culture or may be together to develop new ties and find new friends. Sharing activities, hobbies or real life connections is also a part of social networking and can be classified as so.

Social networks are the sites which provide a platform to people to involve and engage themselves in social networking with other people. They are a medium to virtually bond with people, share activities and daily happenings, or to use it for professional purposes. Social networks also provide people with the opportunity to find employers and employees and generally act as a link between two or more people.

The popularity of social networks rose incredulously in the last decade or less. Several networking sites sprang up and attracted users onto their platforms to engage and enjoy themselves. Of the very first in the business was Orkut, which had a massive user base in the beginning. People started networking with Orkut and other social sites which provided interactive interface, fun activities and ease of communication between people. At Orkut, one could make groups, find friends, write scraps on their profiles or just visit other people’s profile to get to know about each other.

After the immense popularity of Orkut came Facebook and Twitter, which also became highly successful like Orkut. Facebook offered users with more than what its predecessor did, with options of playing games, writing on walls and doing other creative and engaging activities. The platform for Facebook is highly user friendly and keeps changing to keep users engaged. The social site offers news, videos and groups and fan pages where people can connect with their stars or follow their favorite movie updates or news on the site. One is also allowed to write long statuses and quotation about how they feel, things they wish to share and their achievements. It also allows users to upload albums and videos of their life and share with family and friends.

Twitter, on the other hand, is even more popular with superstars and celebrities tweeting their messages regularly. People can write a short 140 letter text and share with the world and let others view. It offers a great medium to connect with people around the globe and is an amazing social network.

Among other networks, Instagram, SnapChat and other networks are also popular and have been able to attract people. The social networks are usually an escape from worldly troubles and provide easy entertainment and relaxation to users, helping them to relieve their stress and enjoy life behind a computer. People often use social networks between breaks at work or after a long days work so that they can relax and calm down, while having a sip of coffee.

social networks