Paris the city of love

Popularly known as The City of Love, Paris stands out to be the capital city of France. You can definitely consider it an appropriate place for weddings, proposals, honeymoons or even anniversaries. If you are a romantic person then the place will definitely enchant and mesmerize you, thereby making you feel that you are surely in bliss. However, in case you are not one of those romantic individual, you need to visit this place in order to know the real essence of love. In fact, it is the most suitable place for the newlyweds and even for the lovers.

Eiffel Tower– No individual can ever get the real essence of Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. Almost every couple going for a trip to Paris makes sure to climb the stairs and reach straight to the top of the tower. Individuals have a smile on his or her face while talking about their experience on top of the tower.  Even the Jules Verne restaurant at the second floor, offers lovers an appropriate atmosphere to spend some quality with each other and dine an awesome French cuisine. Couple can also pack their food and dine at the park below the tower that gets lit up due to the “Eiffel glow”.

Musee Rodin– It is one of the most famous museums in Paris, which contains some of the most romantic sculptural carvings, such as the Kiss and the Thinker. In fact, the couples visiting there can stroll in the beautiful gardens around the mansion and see Rodin’s works, which he has tucked among hedges and trees.

The Pont des Arts– This famous pedestrian bridge over River Seine has lit the spark of love in many of the hearts. In fact, in most of the films, it has played the role of a perfect romantic setting. Standing on this particular bridge, people can view the charismatic picturesque sight of Ile de la Cite. In fact, quite many street performers and artists display their talents here. This in turn adds in creating a romantic ambience here.  The couples or lovers visiting the bridge cannot stay away from the street musicians who tend to play the romantic soundtracks of the movies in order to draw them.

Jardin du Luxembourg-Even though this place is supposed to be a political institution, however, the garden surrounding the area has proven to be the hub of romance down the ages. Couples visiting this garden tend to relieve the romance between Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, Napoleon and Josephine while walking down the garden among the stunning fountains, flowerbeds and ethnic statues.