Countries to travel at least once in a lifetime

So where is your next travel destination?

The love city – Paris? Or perhaps the sinking island of Maldives? Maybe….a little trip to the Amazon for a change?

We know how accessible these destinations are. But do you know there are countries in the world that’s almost impossible to travel to?

No? Okay, so here goes! These are some countries to travel at least once in a lifetime.

If you’ve studied history in college, you might have heard of communists. Nah…not talking about China, although yes, that’s where the regime begins.

We’re talking about North Korea.

This country has closed all possible contacts with the world. Even the citizens have no access to any news or stories from other parts across the globe. People from Japan, South Korea and especially the U.S., would find a major difficulty in entering the country. Everyone entering the country needs to go through a thorough screen check before attaining a visa to visit.

Not mentioning you can’t even bring mobile devices or anything that could capture the visuals of the life and places in the city. And you’re talking about free and easy travel? It’s not how it goes here. Each group will be appointed a guide for touring, who also acts as a guard in case you do anything out of the ‘ordinary’!


Similar to North Korea, you would need a visa to enter Russia. However, order to get one, you would have to be invited to visit the country….which, you can ask for help from the hotel that you wish to stay in. Due to the laws and policies, you are advised to keep your visa close to you, simply because, you might go through much difficulty in leaving the country if you lose it!


This country is strict in giving out visas to tourists as the applications are often screened and reviewed. In cases whereby you are British or American tourists, special procedures of getting your thumb print will be measured. What’s difficult in getting visas here is that there is a lack of communication about the progress of your applications.


Visas to Syria are not applicable for certain countries. In order to apply for one, you would have to go through the hassle of approaching your own embassy and getting a letter of recommendation that could be passed to the Syrian government. And of course, you will be needed to hand over some form of fee, and wait for…..sometime before getting it approved!

Saudi Arabia

If you’re a regular tourist, you could only travel to certain parts of this country. But if you are travelling to Saudi Arabia for the Muslim pilgrimage, you would be required to have a special visa. Woman traveling to this country must always be accompanied. However, if you have ever been to Israel or is a citizen, you might have difficulties in getting access to this country.
saudi arabia


Like most of the countries mentioned earlier, getting a visa to this country would be a major obstacle. Before entering the country, you are required to go for some vaccinations and have your medical certification handy. Next, you would need to be invited, pay some fees, and have proof that you would have at least a hundred dollars capped for each day in the city, before getting a visa.

Yes. Informing your spending budget might sound ridiculous, but those are their requirements!


The regulations for entering Sudan is slightly similar to Saudi Arabia. Your passport will be checked thoroughly to see if you have ever been to Israel. And if you ever did, you could simply forget the thought of travelling to this country as you will be denied from entering this country.

You are lucky if you get a chance to visit these destinations. The majority of the people in the world would never get a chance to visit them at all!