A Brief History of Tesla

The Story of Tesla – How It All Started

In just its 13 years of existence, Tesla has had many achievements. Officially, Tesla was founded in 2003 by two Silicon Valley engineers, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, who wanted to prove that electric cars could be better than gasoline-powered cars. However, the real story began when the two met in 1990. As the friendship between the two grew, they decided to turn it into a business relationship. Initially, they started doing consultancy for disk-drive companies. The 1990s saw great rise in technological innovation and the two were not willing to miss any chance. With a flair for entrepreneurship, they started NuvoMedia. In the later part of 1998, they facilitated the release of Rocket eBook.
By 2000, they really wanted to start a big-shot company. The idea of getting into electric cars came to Eberhard when he drove the tzero, an electric sports car. With his incredible expertise in the area of AC Propulsion, a production-level electric car did not seem a far-fetched dream. He, along with Tarpenning, started doing research on how they could take full advantage of electric power. In a lot of their readings, they came across articles that reiterated the fact that electric cars will not succeed because there has not been any improvement in the battery technology for almost hundred years. This was, of course, true but only of lead-acid batteries. The lithium-ion batteries were, however, constantly getting better and cheaper. By the summer of 2003, Eberhard and Tarpenning knew that they wanted to start an electric car company. Their initial idea was to build a two-seater sports car containing lithium-ion batteries and an induction motor. The biggest challenge they faced was that the automotive industry was not great to start-ups. Finally, after finding the manufacturing partners, they decided it was time.

The Incorporation

Once the decision was made, it was time to decide the name of the company. Eberhard wanted to give credit to the man who invented AC induction motor, the type of motor they were planning to use. The name Tesla is in the honour of the Serbian-American scientist, Nikola Tesla. In the April of 2003, the domain name of Teslamotors.com was bought. The company was officially incorporated on July 1st, 2003.

Meeting with Elon Musk

In 2004, Tesla was in dire need of investments to continue its operations. The PayPal cofounder by the name of Elon Musk, was speaking at a conference at Mars Society. Eberhard and Tarpenning attended that conference and got a chance to meet Musk. Musk had already thought of the idea of building cars that were far superior to what the market produced. The Tesla guys’ pitch was successful and Musk finally decided that he was going to join in. In the first round, he invested almost $7.5 Million and became the chairman of the board. Now, the only way to go for Tesla was forward.

Tesla’s Timeline

After this story of Tesla’s foundation, let’s take a look at its timeline over the years.
Musk Comes to Rescue Again
In 2005, Musk again stepped in to invest in the company. This time he financed $13 Million to help in the development of the much-hyped Tesla Roadster.
An Agreement between Tesla and Lotus
In early July of 2005, Tesla struck a deal with Lotus. Lotus signed a contract agreeing that it would be manufacturing complete cars except the powertrain for the highly-anticipated Tesla Roadster.
The Roadster is ready to hit the Road
On 19th of July 2006, Tesla’s first production vehicle was introduced to the market. The unveiling ceremony was held at the Santa Monica Airport and the then CEO Martin Eberhard and Chairman Elon Musk were present. Tesla was proud to introduce its dream child.
Tesla Faces a Rough Patch
The latter part of 2007 saw Tesla in rough patch due to issues over leadership. In December 2007 Ze’ev Drori, a successful entrepreneur and leader, became the CEO and president of Tesla. His short span of less than 1 year saw 10% of Tesla’s staff being laid off, however it must be mentioned that the company became profitable in this time.
Elon Musk Takes Over
In October 2008, Musk becomes the CEO and takes all of company’s operations in his hands. He kept on investing in the company. By that time, he had spent almost $70 Million of his own money for the company.
The Model S Comes to the Market
In June 2008, Tesla introduces Model S that is designed to be Tesla’s more affordable family Sedan. The starting price of the car was $50,000 and the car could carry seven passengers.
Tesla Goes Public
After Ford in 1956, Tesla became the first American car company to go public. The company raised around $226 Million in their public offering.
Tesla Secretly Starts Building Electric Car Charging Stations
In 2012, Tesla started building Superstations across California. At the time, there were only six stations operating – now there are almost 200 worldwide.
The Fires Hit Tesla
Just as Tesla was progressing slowly, the company’s 3 Model S Sedans caught fire following accidents. There were no serious injuries but the public perception was beginning to shift. After the third fire, Tesla’s stocks plummeted by 20 percent.
Tesla Recovers in 2014
After a dismal year, Tesla began to find its footing. The stocks soared up 47 percent after the fire incidents. 28,500 Model S cars were delivered to the market in the year 2014.
The Model X Is Ready to be revealed
Tesla’s new car Model X is spotted at the highway near the company’s Head Quarters in the March of 2015. This was a sign of great things to come.
Model X Owners Accept Keys from Musk
In September 2015, Musk handed the keys to the new Model X owners on stage. Their ride is ready to hit the road.
Model 3 Comes to the Fore
Recently on March 31st 2016, Tesla unveiled Model 3 – a car claimed to be more affordable. The starting price will be $35,000 and the car will be ready to be shipped at the end of 2017.


Freedom of speech or an act of war?

If you are privy to American current events at all you have most certainly heard tons of media reports revolving around the release of the Sony Pictures’ film ‘The Interview’, starring Seth Rogan and James Franco. Well, to provide a brief overview the movie is a comedy and reportedly very funny, but the issue arises with the story itself. You see, the film not only puts North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a less than desirable light portrayal wise, the movie’s main theme also revolves around a plot to assassinate the man as well.

For the last six months the North Korean government has focused their energy on stopping the release of the movie, claiming that the ideas expressed within not only have the potential to encourage those who may really want to harm Kim Jong Un, but it serves to make the leader’s personality and individual characteristics less than appealing. When considering that the members of North Korea’s governing family take great strides to present an appearance of perfection regarding its members the fact that they are disturbed is understandable, if not unreasonable. The fact is the family even has a number of shrines devoted to family members, which conveys to us that their own attitude toward their bloodline is somewhat inflated.

‘The Interview’, the Uproar, and the Backlash

The effort put into halting the release of the film has been to no avail, however, as it is due for a Christmas Day release in United States theaters. In the last half-year the circumstances surrounding and encompassing the situation have grown increasingly more complex, and North Korea has shown they are less than pleased with the fact that the United States did not acquiesce their demands to stop the film’s release. Officials, including the leader himself, even expressed suspicions that the movie could be considered an act of war and antagonism on the part of the United States and directed at North Korea.

While the government there is fully aware of the fact that the film is a comedy and that the United States of America allows for freedom of speech and expression by law the hesitation and distrust clearly felt by the leadership there led to various retaliatory words and action which have resulted in a lot of trouble for the United States entertainment industry and stirred up much controversy and anger on the part of the American people and the world.

The truth of the situation is that North Korea has a reputation for hiding information or outright lying in regard to information about its plans, international relations, or other governmental activities. The latest incident, which our government is quite sure can be attributed to the North Korean leader, involved the hacking of Sony Pictures, the film company responsible for the production of ‘The Interview’. While there is not direct proof of North Korea’s responsibility, their reputation precedes them, and the denials they issue regarding their lack of involvement in the incident are being taken with a grain of salt; there are coincidences and then, well, there are not.

Can they? Why would they? When?

The North Korean news agency, which is an agency of the state, issued the following statement back in June:

“…making and releasing a movie on a plot to hurt our top-level leadership is the most blatant act of terrorism and war, and will absolutely not be tolerated.”

Subsequently they put the pressure on the film company to stop the release of the movie, even appealing to President Obama and the United Nations; they hit brick walls in all cases, as the pending release of the film proves. So, this is the reason they would retaliate.

Now let’s look at whether or not they can. Well, if we are correct in our assumption that the recent hacking of Sony Pictures is their responsibility than certainly they can. Not only that, but as I sit here writing the news reports that there is word that North Korea has an active plot against American movie theaters themselves; once again they deny any such scheme. To answer the ‘when’, or ‘opportunity’ question this is America, the Land of Opportunity. The door is wide open to North Korea and their plans.

A Point or Two to Consider

North Korea is furious, and likely their anger is birthed from fear. We know Kim Jong Un has made it a point to deify himself through the media, and by appearances he has succeeded within his own realm, but over here we know he is just another man.

He is angry that we have the freedom to joke and laugh about anything or anyone we want, and that disturbs him. That is his problem and his problem alone, but ours is this: With this freedom of speech and expression comes the fact that you run the risk of getting punched in the nose if you offend someone, and they are free to be offended.

Not that it is right to go around punching people, or hacking the computer systems of major motion picture companies in an effort to get information or get your way. But if we truly believe in the principles of freedom by which we live, such as the legal right to release an offensive film, then we must also believe that others have the freedom to act as they see fit in their defense, do we not?

Well, I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression. But I also believe in balance, and without it, well, you may end up with a broken nose. The dual hypocrisy needs to go out the window. America, hold your water. North Korea, grow up. Sticks and stones after all. On Christmas we will all know if this was really worth it or not.


North Korea

London – The Most Visited City on Earth

Why is London the most visited city on Earth?

Have you ever walked passed an ice cream parlor and seen a queue full of people waiting to buy ice cream from there? It almost certainly made you want to join the back of the queue yourself, just to see what all of the fuss was about.

Well, if travel agents were ice cream parlors, and cities were ice cream’s; London would be the one that crowds of people come from far and wide to experience.

That’s because the English capital has it all. It combines modern luxury with historical intrigue, and, it does that without even requiring you to change streets. Home to Jack the Ripper stories, the world’s biggest toy store, and tea and scones, London has everything to satisfy the tastes of even the fussiest of holiday makers.

In fact, perhaps it has too much. Landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the Olympic Park, Buckingham Palace, and Oxford Street are all such interesting visits that too much time can be spent viewing them, leaving little for elsewhere.

That’s why it’s essential to prioritize. The city has almost 9 million people living in it, and homes 33 boroughs. Only the most prepared tourists get the most out of a vacation there.

So what things should you see and do when in London?

Assuming you’re there for a week (which is the average time for a vacation), here’s our list of the top five things to do while in the Capital:

Visit Covent Garden – Covent Garden is a free area, but it’s filled with quaint little shops, coffee outlets and restaurants. Live music plays while you walk along cobbled streets, and various performers litter the area, displaying skills such as juggling fireballs and unicycle riding.

Have tea at the Ritz – If you’re on a budget, this may or may not be something you’d enjoy. While the Ritz is synonymous with expense, a cup of English tea and a cake for the family shouldn’t set you back more than £30 or $50. While it is a lot to pay for refreshments, it’s not a lot to pay for an experience, and an experience is most certainly what tea at the Ritz will be.

Get a look at Buckingham Palace – After tea at the Ritz, you’ll probably want to do something that keeps your money in your wallet for a little longer. Luckily, London has the perfect solution. Buckingham Palace is a site to behold. It’s the traditional home of the Royal Family and is luxury personified. If you arrive on the right day, you may see the queen give you a wave from the balcony. If not, watching the changing of the guards is exciting enough.

Visit Oxford Street – When your friends and family know you’re going to London, they’re thinking one thing: souvenirs. Oxford Street is the worlds largest shopping site, catering for the smallest budgets right up to the largest. It’s full of coffee shops, retail outlets and places to buy memorabilia. If you can’t be trusted with your spending, hand your credit card over to a friend, as number 4 on our list is temptation, temptation, temptation!

Go on the London Eye – There are many tourist destinations in the capital. Far more than any list could accommodate. Thankfully, London’s tourist board are well aware of this, and have made things easier for both list makers and travelers alike.  The London Eye is a giant observation wheel, that allows sight-seers to get a good look at the city from the comfort of their pod.

A ride on the Eye will allow tourists to see the Houses of Parliament, the South Bank, and all of the attractions lined up along the River Thames (of which there are many). Tickets cost around £55 for a family of four, which is around $90, making a ride on it a cost-effective (and energy effective) way of seeing the city. Just make sure you go on a clear day!


Paris the city of love

Popularly known as The City of Love, Paris stands out to be the capital city of France. You can definitely consider it an appropriate place for weddings, proposals, honeymoons or even anniversaries. If you are a romantic person then the place will definitely enchant and mesmerize you, thereby making you feel that you are surely in bliss. However, in case you are not one of those romantic individual, you need to visit this place in order to know the real essence of love. In fact, it is the most suitable place for the newlyweds and even for the lovers.

Eiffel Tower– No individual can ever get the real essence of Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. Almost every couple going for a trip to Paris makes sure to climb the stairs and reach straight to the top of the tower. Individuals have a smile on his or her face while talking about their experience on top of the tower.  Even the Jules Verne restaurant at the second floor, offers lovers an appropriate atmosphere to spend some quality with each other and dine an awesome French cuisine. Couple can also pack their food and dine at the park below the tower that gets lit up due to the “Eiffel glow”.

Musee Rodin– It is one of the most famous museums in Paris, which contains some of the most romantic sculptural carvings, such as the Kiss and the Thinker. In fact, the couples visiting there can stroll in the beautiful gardens around the mansion and see Rodin’s works, which he has tucked among hedges and trees.

The Pont des Arts– This famous pedestrian bridge over River Seine has lit the spark of love in many of the hearts. In fact, in most of the films, it has played the role of a perfect romantic setting. Standing on this particular bridge, people can view the charismatic picturesque sight of Ile de la Cite. In fact, quite many street performers and artists display their talents here. This in turn adds in creating a romantic ambience here.  The couples or lovers visiting the bridge cannot stay away from the street musicians who tend to play the romantic soundtracks of the movies in order to draw them.

Jardin du Luxembourg-Even though this place is supposed to be a political institution, however, the garden surrounding the area has proven to be the hub of romance down the ages. Couples visiting this garden tend to relieve the romance between Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, Napoleon and Josephine while walking down the garden among the stunning fountains, flowerbeds and ethnic statues.


Steve Jobs – His Outstanding Career

Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., which was founded in 1976, proved to everyone his career was extraordinary. Steve was a college dropout, living with his parents in Los Altos, California. When he was in high school, he had interest in electronics. His love for electronics devices prompted him to request for some parts electronic from a well-known electronic manufacturing company. At summer, that same year, Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak, an intelligent engineer older than him.

Job started working at Atari after he dropped out of College. He worked as a game designer in Atari and carefully saved his earnings from the job. He left there and went to India. When he came back, he joined his friend, Wozniak. Wozniak showed Jobs the computer he always worked on as hobby. Jobs, seeing such potential in him went into business with Wozniak and Apple 1 was produced in 1975. Apple became a success after when Apple II was released in 2 years after the first one.

As competition increased during the time, Apple III and its successor, LISA, as well did not sell well in 1980. Things got worse when Jobs had a fight with some director and was kicked off the board by the CEO of his own company.

In 1985, Jobs introduced Apple Macintosh with a Cursor capability. The computer did not sell well enough due to high price tag and poor marketing. It did not find its way into the hands of the consumers.

Jobs eventually resigned from the company and started his own computer company. He started NeXT Computer Co. with the money he had from the sale of Stock in Apple. NeXT computer had high processing speed, Better graphics and an Optical disk drive. It was sold poorly with price tag of $9950.  After the failure of the Next venture, he then started with playing with software. He bought Pixar Animation Studio and signed a deal with Disney to produce the first computer animated feature.

Apple kept declining and struggling and failed to produce another computer. After few days that Pixar arrived into the market, Apple bought NeXT for $400 million and appointed Jobs to the board of Directors again. It was an act of desperation to Apple, because they had already failed to produce another generation Mac operating System, wishing that Jobs would help turn things around. Before the end of March, 1997, Apple experienced a huge loss which made Ameilo resigned from being the CEO and Jobs took over the position, struck a deal with Microsoft to ensure his company survival.

Not long, Apple installed G3 PowerPC in all its computers, which made Apple faster than their competitors’ PCs. Apple quickly reclaimed their position in the market and boosted sales of $6 million. Against all, Steve pulled his company back from the brink. But Apple just got started, and started rolling out series of revolutionary products.

Upon all his successes, Steve battled with health issues. In January, 2011, he left Apple for a medical leave, stating that he would still be making major strategic decisions for the company.  He died not long after he resigned.

Steve Jobs

Social networks

Social networking is the most common practice in the current era and almost everyone is involved in the activity. Social networking refers to communicating, bonding and developing links with people over the internet. The people may share the same interests, may belong to same area or culture or may be together to develop new ties and find new friends. Sharing activities, hobbies or real life connections is also a part of social networking and can be classified as so.

Social networks are the sites which provide a platform to people to involve and engage themselves in social networking with other people. They are a medium to virtually bond with people, share activities and daily happenings, or to use it for professional purposes. Social networks also provide people with the opportunity to find employers and employees and generally act as a link between two or more people.

The popularity of social networks rose incredulously in the last decade or less. Several networking sites sprang up and attracted users onto their platforms to engage and enjoy themselves. Of the very first in the business was Orkut, which had a massive user base in the beginning. People started networking with Orkut and other social sites which provided interactive interface, fun activities and ease of communication between people. At Orkut, one could make groups, find friends, write scraps on their profiles or just visit other people’s profile to get to know about each other.

After the immense popularity of Orkut came Facebook and Twitter, which also became highly successful like Orkut. Facebook offered users with more than what its predecessor did, with options of playing games, writing on walls and doing other creative and engaging activities. The platform for Facebook is highly user friendly and keeps changing to keep users engaged. The social site offers news, videos and groups and fan pages where people can connect with their stars or follow their favorite movie updates or news on the site. One is also allowed to write long statuses and quotation about how they feel, things they wish to share and their achievements. It also allows users to upload albums and videos of their life and share with family and friends.

Twitter, on the other hand, is even more popular with superstars and celebrities tweeting their messages regularly. People can write a short 140 letter text and share with the world and let others view. It offers a great medium to connect with people around the globe and is an amazing social network.

Among other networks, Instagram, SnapChat and other networks are also popular and have been able to attract people. The social networks are usually an escape from worldly troubles and provide easy entertainment and relaxation to users, helping them to relieve their stress and enjoy life behind a computer. People often use social networks between breaks at work or after a long days work so that they can relax and calm down, while having a sip of coffee.

social networks

Travel to Bali

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Bali? Honeymoon getaway? Sparkling beaches? Sacred temples? Or perhaps a combination of them all!

Bali is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, located just 8 degrees south of the equator, nestled between the islands Java and Lombok. Leading airlines connect the island conveniently with major hubs throughout Asia and Australia, such as Bangkok, Seoul and Perth. A Visa-on-Arrival for just US$25 is granted to a majority of nations, including the EU, United Kingdom and the United States. The climate is throughout the year pleasant, with an average of 31 C in coastal areas and slightly lower temperatures in higher regions.

Bali boasts an incredible mix of diversity: whether it’s the lush rice paddies, mythical Hindu temples, sacred volcanoes or the exotic food – the Island of Gods makes it not easy for to decide. But before you should get overwhelmed, let’s take a closer to look to its main attractions:

Temples – visiting a temple in Bali is a must-do! With more than 20.000 temples, it’s not pretty difficult to find one either. Visit one (or all) of the nine directional temples, all located in auspicious locations from volcanoes over beaches to cliffs – the legend says that different gods and goddesses are protecting the island from evil. A perfect start would be the magical Uluwatu temple, located on a cliff at the southern tip of Bali. Insider Tip: Plan to watch a Kecak Dance performance at Uluwatu during sunset.

Rice terraces – a big contribution to Bali’s natural beauty is due to the amount of rice paddies. Go for a hike through the mesmerizing Jati-Luwih terraces, which even got nominated as UNESCO World Heritage.

Volcanoes – being part of the infamous “ring-of-fire”, Bali has a number of active volcanoes to offer. With 3031 meters, Mount Agung is not only Bali’s highest volcano, but also its most sacred one. Start a trek at midnight and you will reach the peak just before sunrise, giving you not only a spectacular view but also guaranteed goose bumps.

Beaches – the beaches in the south are the most popular ones, hence the most crowded ones. Invest the time (about 45 minutes) and drive either to Lovina in the north with its famous black volcanic beaches or to Amed, a secluded fishing town in the east.

Food – visiting Bali (or any other part of Indonesia) without trying a glimpse of the food is like missing out a huge part of the Indonesian culture. Try Indonesia’s national dish Nasi Goreng (fried rice) for just IDR 8000 (US$ 0.80) from one of the numerous food vendors on the street or Bali’s number one dish – Babi Guling (suckling pig).

Spas – indulge into a real Balinese massage. Get a 60 minutes treatment for as low as 50.000 IDR in a day spa or visit one of the luxurious boutique resorts for a multiple-hours treatment.

How would you like to spend a week in Bali? Trekking through rice paddies and on volcanoes…or just being lazy in the balmy breezes of Amed, where coconut palms list over the turquoise Indian Ocean…? Whatever you’re going for, you’ll be amazed by the beauty of Bali and the unique hospitality of the Balinese people. Travel to Bali is definitely one of the things you should do in your life.


Gadgets in the twenty first century

Twenty first century is the century of gadgets. We have developed our technology rapidly and by using this technology we have created lot of gadgets that are helpful in our daily lifestyle. These gadgets have become crucial part in our life and we can’t survive in modern world without it. Every class of society is using these gadgets and it has now become status symbols in our society. Here you can seek which gadget suits your personality. Most commonly used 10 Gadgets across the globe are:

1. Mobile phones
Mobiles phones are playing significant role in everyone’s life. It has become a gadget that is versatile and easy to use. You can connect with the people from anywhere in this world within few seconds. You can access internet, play games, watch movies, listen to your favorite songs. You can perform your office work on it like editing documents, creating or modifying files as most of the mobile phones supports Microsoft office and PDF reader. You can access the weather information and send text to your loved ones. Most prominent feature that has given mobile phone new heights that is navigation system. Now you can reach to your desire destination without taking help of other people. Many mobiles are also giving language translator as well. You can use your mother tongue and can converse with the other people native languages with any hassle. Simply this gadget is best among all the other devices.

2. EBook reader
EBook reader is really good example of pioneering expertise. This gadget is used to access all the books which are present on internet. You can download or open a book which you like or want to read. It is very easy and user friendly so you can reach to your favorite books and documents within few seconds and enjoy reading those books.

3. Playstation
Playstation is gaming console that is used around the world and not only kids but people of all ages and genders like playing games on it. Video games are considered that they can increase the imagination and creativity of people. It is fun when you can improve upon your creativity and enjoy it at the same time. It is also scientifically proven that it helps in brain development and increases memory.

4. 3D Television
From the past when television was made since it has been playing vital role in our life. It is must device because you can access your favorite shows, serials, movies, news and many more other facilities that are used for entertainment. This gadget has touched new height and become 3D. Now you can have the feeling of being with your preferred stars and shows. You can see that you are just in touching distance or there inside the show at that moment. You can use Digital cable, pen drive or internet in order to reach to your favorite shows.

5. Camera
This is also very good gadget because you can capture those memorable moments which you have spent with your love ones. These movements will never come back but you can capture those beautiful memories and enjoy them for your entire life. You can also record videos with the help of cameras and you can store all these things in your personal computer, laptop or any other device that can safe data.

6. Wrist watch
Time is called the most precious thing because once it has passed it will never come back again. To keep track of this valuable thing you need wrist watch. By the help of wrist watch you will never arrive late for any occasions. Nowadays, wrist watches tells you time, you can set alarms as well as check the distance that you have covered. You can call other people because it has built in mobile phone that will keep you in touching distance from your loved ones.

7. IPods
IPods are very fashionable and trendy gadget. You can have the benefit of listing to your favorite songs as it provides best audio quality compared with other devices. It also has another advantage that is more memory space. You can use this memory space to store all your favorite songs, videos and images. Its battery backup is great and you can use this device for longer sessions continuously. You can impress other people with your iPod because it is style symbol and everyone will admire you and your iPod.

8. Laptop
This is one of the most important gadget among all the other. Firstly, You can perform various tasks related to your requirement for example access internet access, watching movie, playing games, listening music, watching pictures, complete your office work and so on. It has good battery back-up so you need not worry about the time that you need to complete your task.
Secondly, it is wireless device so you don’t need to worry about how you are going to manage it while moving through remote areas. It doesn’t take lot of space compared with computers and easily moved according to need because it is light weighted machine.

9. Tablets pc
These can also be known as portable computers. You can access internet with the help of it. You can store lot of data like videos, music and can perform office work. You can take it anywhere you like because it is light weighted, small in size so you can carry it easily. It also has the feature of Wi-Fi that will accomplish your need to connect to internet and that’s to be without any wires.

10. Pendrives
These are very useful gadget if your want to transfer or carry lot of data at same time. It is small in size and can store various types of files in it. It is very cost-effective and user friendly to use and you can use it with television, pc and music players etc. flash drives are extended version of pen drives as it gives you advantage of more speed and space over the pen drives.



Can soothing music induce good sleep?

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that is afflicting so many people worldwide and considered by medical profession to be one of the most difficult to remedy as there are a number of possible underlying causes. Identifying the root cause is sometimes too challenging to take on, and may necessitate long term treatment. However there are available measures that you can take in order to alleviate your condition and improve the quality of your sleeping hours. The waking hours of a person afflicted with insomnia can’t be compared to people having normal sleep patterns. Usually insomniacs are cranky due to lack of quality hours of sleep. While there are a manifold of so-called remedy for insomnia, people having this kind of condition sometimes tend to overlook one alternative that is indeed medically proven to be highly effective, the use of soothing music to induce sleep.

Listening to good, soothing music can help induce relaxation both to mind and body making it a plausible solution for people having sleep disorders. Whoever said that music is the medicine of the mind can be considered to be wise.

Countless musical artists come up with soothing music geared towards helping people to relax, calm down and eventually induce quality sleeping hours. Unfortunately these are not the kind of music that you will hear over the radio or on TV. However they are readily available at your local music stores. You can choose between instrumental music and music of nature. The music of your choice will depend solely on your personal preference.

Instrumental music is reputed to be a popular remedy for sleeping disorders. It can calm the mind and tone down its activity while at the same time it is also gentle to the ears. The sheer absence of words on this kind of music helps a listener or a patient suffering from sleep disorder to really have his full concentration on the musical tones alone, thereby rendering your mind to surrender itself to the musical notes. Musical tones in an instrumental music usually come from flutes, violins, clarinets and among others. The resulting tones are soothing and relaxing to the mind resulting to a reduced stress level and tension which paves the way for a person to have a sound sleep.

Personally I like the sound of nature as opposed to instrumental music. Did you know that the rustling sound of leaves, animal songs or the sound of rain falling can help activate the primal instincts of the human mind consequently rendering it to relaxed state leading to sleep. I remember reading a material that prior to the rise of the earliest of human civilization, human beings having nothing but sounds of nature to help them have a sound sleep. This holds true even to this modern day of ours.
If you are one of the many souls afflicted with sleep problems, then you may need to consider listening to these kinds of music before trying anything else. It might do wonders for you as did to many others having the very same condition.

To give you a good idea of the choices you have, here are the categories you may choose from:

•Ambient Electronic, characterized by soothing melodies and gentle sound effects.

•Classical type, the Baroque music by Mozart or Brahms’ “Lullaby” fall on this category.

•Tribal music type characterized by organic sound and sometimes comes with non-electric musical instruments.

Check the kind of music that will work best for you. Treatment of sleep disorders does not necessarily mean that you have to submit yourself right away to medications or professional help, at times you need to consider first alternatives that will not cost you as much amount that you would on a doctor.


Golden Age of Television Series

A Few Reasons Why Television Has Gotten So Much Better
Since its invention, television has played a large role in our lives. Be it election debates or famous finales, television has a lot more of an emotional pull on our heart strings than we’d like to admit. And as society progresses, so do our favorite television stations. They have started creating shows that bring in audiences like you wouldn’t believe, from captivating dramas like Breaking Bad that make the entire country root for a meth dealer and classic comedies like Friends that have an entire generation hitting on girls by asking, “how you doin’?”

Television is a multi-faceted medium and that allows for a great deal of improvement. But what exactly is causing this paradigm shift in media consumption? Hopefully, this post will help answer that question with a few insights into what makes TV tick. After all, there are still some good shows with laugh tracks, right? Right?

We Have The Technology
The obvious reason for television’s progress is general societal progress. Crisper cameras, higher quality sound, more experienced writers and additional avenues to pursue success in the television business obviously make for much better series. And with more and more opportunities for success popping up, especially compared to the film industry, television makes a solid case for affordable immersion into an in-depth storyline.

But the production of television is not the only thing that creates higher demand for the nearly century-old technology. The consumption side of television has developed into a nearly unrecognizable landscape with the invention of Netflix. The ability to stream shows instantly has increased the amount of shows watchable and therefore has increased the overall viewership. Watching an entire series doesn’t take three months anymore; it only takes a day… if you’re willing to forego a little bit of sleep.

The Tribe Has Spoken
The model for acquiring television viewership has significantly changed over the last few decades. A few short decades ago, the landscape was dominated by series that did their best to please everyone. Producers believed that creating content that was not only universally enjoyable but also purposefully inoffensive would bring in the largest audiences. They made it accessible to the most people possible. And they thought, as so many of their shows quoted, “what could possible go wrong?”

But as we’ve seen in recent years, shows have taken a somewhat irreverent tone when addressing societal issues, whether or not their content is viewed as politically correct. The most popular shows like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Lost, Dexter and Homeland all deal with the more unsavory elements of society with spectacular results. From drug abuse to serial murder, the topics covered in current television do not follow the former rules of widespread acceptance.

This has made people not only invest their time in the entire series but also to spread the word avidly and effectively. This shift has come from producers and creators focusing on narrow, niche markets and creating extensively storylines with elaborate productions. This focus has created excellent television that precludes the record-breaking audiences that you see frequently watching finales every year.

Live Long and Prosper
It is no secret that movies ruled the media landscape for a long time as the respected medium. A significant reason for this is that movies had longer to develop a story. The format called for a standard 90-minutes as opposed to the 22-minute television episode (or at most 44-minute episode) so film simply had more legs to stand on. But thanks to viewers being more invested in television shows and technologies like Netflix, television series can create elaborate storylines that zig and zag several times before a conclusion.

As television and film continue to strive for programming that is “more real,” television can take the advantage because it allows for a (somewhat) realistic 20-episode season to solve a murder rather than a mere hour and a half movie. While movies often stick to the three-act plot well-established in theatre, television is able to take advantage of elongated storytelling to build characters and provide further exposition. Television series have exploded in popularity because they meet the needs, technologically and comprehensively, of its viewers.


Countries to travel at least once in a lifetime

So where is your next travel destination?

The love city – Paris? Or perhaps the sinking island of Maldives? Maybe….a little trip to the Amazon for a change?

We know how accessible these destinations are. But do you know there are countries in the world that’s almost impossible to travel to?

No? Okay, so here goes! These are some countries to travel at least once in a lifetime.

If you’ve studied history in college, you might have heard of communists. Nah…not talking about China, although yes, that’s where the regime begins.

We’re talking about North Korea.

This country has closed all possible contacts with the world. Even the citizens have no access to any news or stories from other parts across the globe. People from Japan, South Korea and especially the U.S., would find a major difficulty in entering the country. Everyone entering the country needs to go through a thorough screen check before attaining a visa to visit.

Not mentioning you can’t even bring mobile devices or anything that could capture the visuals of the life and places in the city. And you’re talking about free and easy travel? It’s not how it goes here. Each group will be appointed a guide for touring, who also acts as a guard in case you do anything out of the ‘ordinary’!


Similar to North Korea, you would need a visa to enter Russia. However, order to get one, you would have to be invited to visit the country….which, you can ask for help from the hotel that you wish to stay in. Due to the laws and policies, you are advised to keep your visa close to you, simply because, you might go through much difficulty in leaving the country if you lose it!


This country is strict in giving out visas to tourists as the applications are often screened and reviewed. In cases whereby you are British or American tourists, special procedures of getting your thumb print will be measured. What’s difficult in getting visas here is that there is a lack of communication about the progress of your applications.


Visas to Syria are not applicable for certain countries. In order to apply for one, you would have to go through the hassle of approaching your own embassy and getting a letter of recommendation that could be passed to the Syrian government. And of course, you will be needed to hand over some form of fee, and wait for…..sometime before getting it approved!

Saudi Arabia

If you’re a regular tourist, you could only travel to certain parts of this country. But if you are travelling to Saudi Arabia for the Muslim pilgrimage, you would be required to have a special visa. Woman traveling to this country must always be accompanied. However, if you have ever been to Israel or is a citizen, you might have difficulties in getting access to this country.
saudi arabia


Like most of the countries mentioned earlier, getting a visa to this country would be a major obstacle. Before entering the country, you are required to go for some vaccinations and have your medical certification handy. Next, you would need to be invited, pay some fees, and have proof that you would have at least a hundred dollars capped for each day in the city, before getting a visa.

Yes. Informing your spending budget might sound ridiculous, but those are their requirements!


The regulations for entering Sudan is slightly similar to Saudi Arabia. Your passport will be checked thoroughly to see if you have ever been to Israel. And if you ever did, you could simply forget the thought of travelling to this country as you will be denied from entering this country.

You are lucky if you get a chance to visit these destinations. The majority of the people in the world would never get a chance to visit them at all!

Points to ponder so you can save more money

Nobody is exempt from the hardships of life, everybody is in line to carry their own crosses, But when recession comes, our finances become even more challenging to handle. Most of us have had a time in life when we find it really hard to make ends meet until the next pay day comes.

One can easily have a crushed spirit when facing financial difficulties. It gives you the impression that you have whole world upon your shoulders, and sometimes giving you a hard time to sleep at night. Without a positive mindset and a constructive measure to take, you may end up having more problems in your finances and you may realize in the end that you have more debt than you can efficiently handle.

Are you one of those people who are incessantly facing financial challenges? It might mean that you are above your means. If this holds true to you, you should cut back and make room for some relevant changes in your life. It is essential to make changes with regard to almost every aspect of your life so you can free yourself up in your financial problems.

If you have reached reading this, then you have made the first step. It only means to show that you need help and guidance in the way you spend your money and thus you’d welcome suggestions and tips that will help you get by. The important element here is there is admission for your need of help when it comes to spending your money.

Here are some practical points you need to consider:

Shopping for groceries – For most of us, grocery items are taking a huge chunk of our monthly budget. You may be one of the countless consumers who are categorized as compulsive buyers and prefer to buy branded items. If you are into this kind of practice, then you are not helping yourself save money. It might have been inculcated in your mind that you only need to buy branded, high-end items if you want to get the most out of your money. But it is not always the case. For most instances, even non-branded items are as equally good as the leading brands. Only difference is that you are buying their reputed names, nothing less. Furthermore, get only the items that you really need and look only for commodities that you are certain can consume until your next paycheck.

Clothes – Most of us have more than enough clothes than we actually need. If you have some good items, you can earn from them by selling them off on a number of online selling sites such as Ebay. On the other hand if you have not much clothes, you may buy some good apparel items that are on sale. You may need some good skills when it comes to spotting the best items off the shelf. If you are a practical and wise consumer, you’d be always on the lookout for items that sooner or later would be put on sale.

Car Use – If your work destination is in a transport route, and no else goes with you everyday except yourself then it would be best that you use the public transport instead. It might necessitate a little adjustment from you since you are going to leave your “comfort zone” which is using your own car when going to work and now you need to take the public transport system for this purpose. Well, look at the brighter side of things as they say. Using a public transport means you don’t have to drive yourself to work or worry about where to park your car in case that you have an immediate errand to do.

There are dozens more of practical tips that you can do on your own to save money and become practical on your spending. In order to save money make it sure that you only spend your money on things that you need and can’t live without. As much as possible veer yourself away from buying things that you just want to have. If you try to live each day with this kind of mindset, your financial standing will sooner improve than you thought it would be.

Piggy bank

Travel to the Fiji Islands

Situated in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, the island country of Fiji is comprised of 333 beautifully stunning tropical islands teaming with lush greenery, wildlife, dazzling waters, marine life, and pristine beaches. The Fiji Islands is a perfect holiday getaway where there is something to please absolutely everyone. From newlyweds to families to seniors, this tropical paradise won’t fail to please. Accommodations are available to suit any style and budget from 5 star resorts to hostels to hiring your own personal island for an exclusive holiday. World renowned for its soft coral diving, white sand beaches, and thriving natural environment, the Fiji Islands are an excellent example of eco-tourism.
For couples, the Fiji Islands are a romantic escape for proposals, weddings, anniversaries, and honeymoons. Lovers will find bliss, exotic enchantment, and allure at the Matangi Private Island Resort. This elegant island resort offers an intimate and exclusive escape for lovers and newlyweds. The Matangi Private Island Resort offers an assortment of wedding and honeymoon packages that will make planning and executing events a breeze. Couples will fall in love all over again on the horseshoe-shaped, volcanic island with its tropical forests, white sand beaches, and crystal clear water.
All visitors will enjoy immersing themselves in the Fijian culture with a trip to Moala Village or Sabeto Village. Before you embark on your journey, a knowledgeable tour guide will teach you about local customs and proper dress for visiting the natives. Different tours include refreshments with seasonal fruits, a kava ceremony, traditional singing and dancing by locals, shopping opportunities, and a bamboo raft ride.
Adventure seekers at Fiji will enjoy a tour on the Cannibal Cave; the last cave fortress of Fiji’s final cannibal tribe. At one time it was ruled by a pagan priest with hundreds of people living inside the cave for months at a time. In addition to the amazing stalactites and stalagmites, visitors will also see a ritual platform, the priest chambers, and a cannibal oven. Thrill seekers will also enjoy a Fiji Shark Dive in Shark Reef Marine Reserve where divers can swim with up to eight different species of sharks. Catamaran cruises will take you to different dive sites, provide you with dry towels, offer refreshments, and supply you with professional scuba guides.
Finding the perfect Fiji experience and planning the perfect trip is simple to do with everything Fiji has to offer. Whether you enjoy relaxing around a pool, walking along a beautiful beach, touring the rain forests, or experience water sports, the Fiji Islands has no comparison. Cozy up to nature with a jungle trek, visit one of the nature reserves, or head out to the water to experience diving and snorkeling with sharks, sea turtles, and colourful coral reefs. Get pampered at a spa, go golfing, and experience local cuisine at a fine dining restaurant. No matter where you are in Fiji, this island country truly has it all.


Tips to purchase a laptop online

Laptop PCs retain their popularity in spite of the growing business of tablets and smart phones. People who need to do a lot of work while even they are travelling; laptops are the first choice for them. If you are planning to purchase a laptop, then you will come across a lot of options to choose from. Purchasing laptops through online markets is popular because customers can get the wide range of products with the best prices of them. By the way, before purchasing a laptop online, you need to know how to choose the best suitable laptop for you out of the many options available. Here are some tips if you want to purchase a laptop online:

• Purpose of use

First think about the purpose of use. If you need it to work in school, then buy a durable laptop with a good keyboard and high resolution screen. If you only need to check email and database, then try purchasing a cheaper one with high battery life. If you are a gamer, then choose a laptop with a high graphics card, high battery life and high end processor.

• Size and weight of the laptop

Next come to the size of your laptop. Large screen laptops provide an excellent image quality but they are heave and cumbersome. So if you travel more, then try choosing smaller size laptops which will be easily portable.

• Price of the laptop

Price is also an important factor. But you should only consider purchasing a low priced laptop only when it meets your usage demands or else you should go for the costly ones.

• Battery life

You should also look for the battery life of the laptop while purchasing it. At least a battery life of four hours should provide by your laptop. Of course you should choose for a costly laptop which will give you a battery life of more than 10 hours if you travel more frequently and cannot always expect to recharge your battery when it is needed.

Above are the four important criteria in order to choose the best suitable laptop online. You need to have a little research work before going to purchase your laptop for you. It can help to get you the best result.


Thekla, the boat gig venue

Now this probably is one of the most unusual places, to have a music gig! That is right, this boat is the venue for many a bands playing to live audience in Bristol. While the audience gets to watch them, from the bilges of a moored vessel!

So I guess the first question is – how big is this boat that you can have a music gig here? – Up to 500 music lovers can climb aboard to listen to bands. Roughly 400 in the main area downstairs and, the remaining 100 in the bar above stairs – pretty decent!


So what can you expect to find here


Indie bands and alternative acts, can be generally found to be playing here. You can also listen to a lot of local talent, and the yet-to-be famous bands as well. Though, we should tell you this is not a place to hear candy pop music, the music generally teeters towards the more eclectic tastes. Some acts that have played here are Roachford, Jagwar Ma, 65daysofstatic, Laura Veirs, Poliça, Dismemberment Plan and Pere Ubu. Some of the acts you may recognise that have played here are Beth Orton, Squarepusher, Caribou and Patrick Wolf and Ash!

Apart from live band music, Thekla also puts together club, hip-hop, indie/alternative, house, garage, techno and bass music nights, on different days of the week. These are generally run in tandem with the band music, which means the live music has a 10 pm curfew.


Want some drinks


Don’t expect a sophisticated bar. They have Thatchers and Carlsberg on tap, and but of course Red Stripe (Bristol fav). However, if you would like to enjoy some lovely Ales and ciders, you can get a good selection. Your other standard, mixers and spirits are also available. Oh, and but of course they serve Rum! General prices £3.50 for a bottle/pint.


Zee acoustics


Well, you are essentially standing underwater, in a tin room to listen music. Given that, the acoustics are pretty good, and you get a regular night club like, clean music from the ‘tin room’. Though if you do hear the guitars twang out of tune, then blame it on the hot and sweaty room on crowded nights. Plus, it is not for the ‘faint eared’ i.e., the music can be loud. So if you are not ‘loud eared’ get some cotton for them!


A little bit of background


The captains of this novelty boat venue is, the husband wife duo of Viv Stanshall and Ki. In the early part of the 80’s it had a very interesting name – ‘The Old Profanity Showboat’. It used to be presented as a theatre on water routine. However, such eclectic tastes or superior branding were not recognised by the NME and they labelled it as a ‘floating toilet’. So the captain decided to overhaul the boat, with some uber cool looks, and rebranded the ship! Their efforts have now been recognised by the NME, and two years in a row (2011 and 2012) they named them the Best Small Venue in the South West.

A local Banksy has adorned the boat, with a rowing skeleton image. You can see it from the other side of the harbor.

So if you are planning to visit, here is a bit of those tiny details you may need to know!

• They have a cloakroom so no sweltering with the coat on or losing track of it in the crowd (or worse have someone drop their drink on it!)
• Well, they do have to pay the bills so they have an admission fee – GBP 6 – 13
• The local council frowns on using the local waters as a toilet. Hence, the venue provides you fully functional toilets. Though, we have heard from users, if you are drunk it may be hard to search for them!
• You do not have to bring bags of food, they will feed you at a price
• Snail Mail address – The Grove, East Mud Dock, Bristol BS1 4RB
• If you would like to find out if you can bring a lifeguard along call them – 0117 929 3301
• For those of you who want to know the latest without talking – theklabristol.co.uk
• How to get there via public transport: Bristol Temple Meads train station is a 10-minute walk away. Bus routes 24, 25, 50, 52, 75, 76, 90, 121, 902, 903 and 904 stop on The Grove, right by the venue.
• For those of you blessed with a car – there’s also a council-run car park outside; £2.50 to park all evening after 6pm.

Technically speaking, you can take a boat, and row over, given the Thekla is in the water!



Barbados – Different Things To Do

Are you ready for the holiday of a lifetime in quiet, serene, beautiful Barbados? Located in the Caribbean, Barbados is unique, set off by itself from the other Caribbean islands, and formed from fossilized coral instead of volcanoes.

Visitors to Barbados will be charmed by its friendly, warm, welcoming habitants who call themselves Bajans.

Discover the enchantment of a breaching whale, taste the different fresh fish dishes in Oistins, soak up the sun at a pristine, white sand beach, and learn how sugar is made by touring a historic sugar mill. Whether you are looking for a relaxing day at the beach, exploring the island, or sampling some rum, Barbados is the place to experience it all.

Oistins is the local fishing wharf where fishermen bring in their daily catch and veteran cooks prepare tasty meals in their quaint shacks. If you aren’t sure which place to try, ask some of the locals milling about, they’ll point you to their favorite spot. Seating is all outdoors and the air is warm even in winter. Once you have sampled the local fare, head over to the board walk where you might catch a glimpse of some large sea turtles feeding in the clear water.

Be sure to peruse the local arts and crafts displayed near the Oistins stage. Local artists create beautiful water colors, jewelry, clothes, and trinkets available at affordable prices. Pull up a chair before you leave and listen to the local music as Bajans “lime” or party to the music on stage.

Hiring a car is the best way to get around the island of Barbados. Head to the northern most point of Barbados and explore the Animal Flower Cave. The Animal Flower Cave was named after the sea anemones that live in the pools in the cave.

A knowledgeable guide will escort you through the cave to explore interesting rock formations, rock colorings, and ocean views. If the tide is right, you can swim in the cave in the deeper pools. The tour ends with a beautiful window opening, looking out into the Atlantic Ocean. Once your tour is complete, take a leisurely walk along the cliffs and watch the powerful Atlantic waves crash into the rocks. This is also a good place to try to spot a whale.
If rum is what you after, then look no further than Mount Gay Rum.

With an informative tour led by a knowledgeable guide, you’ll learn about the history of rum in Barbados, the different types and styles of Mount Gay Rum, and how rum is made. When the tour is finished, Mount Gay Rum offers a delicious buffet in their restaurant, as well as, rum tasting and mixing lessons.

A historic local sugar plantation and rum producer, Saint Nicholas Abbey, is also a great way to experience rum making at its finest.
From the forested walk along Welchman Hull Gully complete with nutmeg trees to the Wildlife Reserve choke full of animals, Barbados has something that will appeal to everyone.

Pristine beaches, orchid gardens, and even a house once lived in by George Washington are just a few of the amazing things Barbados has to offer.