Barbados – Different Things To Do

Are you ready for the holiday of a lifetime in quiet, serene, beautiful Barbados? Located in the Caribbean, Barbados is unique, set off by itself from the other Caribbean islands, and formed from fossilized coral instead of volcanoes.

Visitors to Barbados will be charmed by its friendly, warm, welcoming habitants who call themselves Bajans.

Discover the enchantment of a breaching whale, taste the different fresh fish dishes in Oistins, soak up the sun at a pristine, white sand beach, and learn how sugar is made by touring a historic sugar mill. Whether you are looking for a relaxing day at the beach, exploring the island, or sampling some rum, Barbados is the place to experience it all.

Oistins is the local fishing wharf where fishermen bring in their daily catch and veteran cooks prepare tasty meals in their quaint shacks. If you aren’t sure which place to try, ask some of the locals milling about, they’ll point you to their favorite spot. Seating is all outdoors and the air is warm even in winter. Once you have sampled the local fare, head over to the board walk where you might catch a glimpse of some large sea turtles feeding in the clear water.

Be sure to peruse the local arts and crafts displayed near the Oistins stage. Local artists create beautiful water colors, jewelry, clothes, and trinkets available at affordable prices. Pull up a chair before you leave and listen to the local music as Bajans “lime” or party to the music on stage.

Hiring a car is the best way to get around the island of Barbados. Head to the northern most point of Barbados and explore the Animal Flower Cave. The Animal Flower Cave was named after the sea anemones that live in the pools in the cave.

A knowledgeable guide will escort you through the cave to explore interesting rock formations, rock colorings, and ocean views. If the tide is right, you can swim in the cave in the deeper pools. The tour ends with a beautiful window opening, looking out into the Atlantic Ocean. Once your tour is complete, take a leisurely walk along the cliffs and watch the powerful Atlantic waves crash into the rocks. This is also a good place to try to spot a whale.
If rum is what you after, then look no further than Mount Gay Rum.

With an informative tour led by a knowledgeable guide, you’ll learn about the history of rum in Barbados, the different types and styles of Mount Gay Rum, and how rum is made. When the tour is finished, Mount Gay Rum offers a delicious buffet in their restaurant, as well as, rum tasting and mixing lessons.

A historic local sugar plantation and rum producer, Saint Nicholas Abbey, is also a great way to experience rum making at its finest.
From the forested walk along Welchman Hull Gully complete with nutmeg trees to the Wildlife Reserve choke full of animals, Barbados has something that will appeal to everyone.

Pristine beaches, orchid gardens, and even a house once lived in by George Washington are just a few of the amazing things Barbados has to offer.